The Kansas City Business Association (KCBA) Newest Member the Black United Front Kansas City Chapter

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Kansas City Business Association (KCBA), the Black United Front Kansas City Chapter, and its coordinator, Kathryn Persley, J.D., who is leading the Buy Black Empowerment Initiative. Here’s a bit more about the Black United Front Kansas City Chapter:

This initiative is a part of the National Black United Front Kansas City Chapter.

Mission Statement The Buy Black Empowerment Initiative (BBEI) was established in 2012 with a mission to foster cooperative economics in the Black community and to endorse and support Black-owned businesses and activities that contribute to increased economic growth and stability.

The current executive director of BBEI is Kathryn Persley, a native of Kansas City. She has several years of experience as an entrepreneur, writer, and business coach. Ms. Persley is actively involved in projects that encourage community engagement and financial self-sufficiency. She is an active member of her neighborhood association and serves on the board of several non-profit organizations that focus on equity, cultural preservation, and community service. She earned a B.A. degree in sociology from the University of MO-KC and a J.D. degree from Washburn University in Topeka, KS.

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