Poor Leadership At Two Local McDonalds Is Having A Negative Impact On The Community

Cascade Media Welcomes our newest contributor, Catina Taylor. Today’s discussion sheds light on the lack of leadership at local Mcdonald’s and how that lack further hinders the Kansas City Community. A larger concern could be the not-so-healthy menu we have been allowing to feed our community for generations; however, our concern deals with local franchise owners at 1200 Emanuel Cleaver II and Meyer and Troost in Kansas City, Missouri.

When Mcdonald’s a youth’s first job, it leaves an impression that could impact their expectation of what to expect when working at a business. If the leadership of Mcdonald’s does not hold themselves and the staff accountable, the community suffers.

The suffering starts with the customer experience, and it sends a message to the young employee that it is okay to treat the people in your community with low regard. Each of those perspectives can create cycles that devalue the community. Our interview allows the community to hear personal experiences and more information about why the owners should demonstrate better leadership or relocate their businesses.

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