Interview with Nash Group Owners Troy and Arielle Nash

The Kansas City Call newspaper, the oldest black newspaper west of the Mississippi River which will be celebrating its 104th year of publication in September 2023, has joined in a partnership with the Cascade Media group, owned and operated by Carlos Nelson, to regularly present news information surrounding African-Americans both in the Kansas City metropolitan area but also from around the United States about issues facing our people. This partnership is a one-of-a-kind agreement where we inform communities of color about individuals and issues facing the Black culture.

Today, Tracy Allen, the editor of the Kansas City Call newspaper, in conjunction with Cascade Media Group and the Kansas City Business Association, interviews Arielle Nash and Troy Nash. This is a follow-up from last week’s interview surrounding the things that Arielle and her dad, Troy, have been doing since 2013 regarding affordable housing around the United States with the Nash Group. The father-daughter team owns and operates a real estate affordable housing development firm. They have several projects in Kansas City and St. Louis and are currently working on projects in Florida and Washington D.C.

Let’s learn from one of these black-owned family businesses about investments and real estate. And for those of you who did not get a chance, check out the prior interview the Kansas City Call did with Miss Nash.

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