Interview With BareNine Holistics LLC Owner Tineeca Hughes

Interview With BareNine Holistics LLC Owner Tineeca Hughes
Hello, my name is Tineeca Hughes. I am a 26-year-old from Kansas City, Mo with a passion for natural and holistic healing. After having no luck with store-bought products/medicine for my skin and Hypothyroidism, I decided to embark on the journey of natural healing. After spending hundreds of dollars on skincare products for my ever-changing skin, I started creating my own plant-based skincare products and educating myself on how to heal my body from the inside out. Having much success, I decided to share what I have learned with the world! Thus, BareNine Holistics was born! We seek to provide healing through plant-based skin and body products and aromatherapy while educating and encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

What is the inspiration for the name?

BareNine Holistics was inspired by several things:

Bare: It is our goal to give our customers the confidence to love themselves BARE. From your skin to your soul, we want to be bare and transparent about health and what it means to be WHOLE-historically healthy.

Nine: Number 9 has many significant meanings for our brand. We are often taught that there are only five dimensions to holistic health, however, health is much more in-depth than just those five aspects. BareNine seeks to educate our customers and anyone who comes in contact with us; the NINE dimensions of holistic health as it pertains to our lives. The nine dimensions we focus on are: physical, emotional, creative, environmental, financial, occupational, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

As a company founded on Christian principles, we acknowledge the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, one of them being the gift of healings. We at BareNine Holistics pride ourselves on our faith and commitment to providing honesty and intention. We believe that every good gift comes from God, and we seek to provide healing through His natural givings. 3 John 1:2.

The owner and founder have nine nieces and nephews who she credits much of her success and drive to. They are one of many driving forces behind BareNine’s mission and focus.

Holistics: We are more than just our skin! We are souls living in our skin and we want the inside to be just as healthy and beautiful as the outside. That is why our company focuses on the WHOLE person’s health and not just the health and appearance of one’s skin.

What is holistic healing?

Holistic Healing is the practice of health and wellness that considers the WHOLE person and all of the internal and external factors affecting them. You wear your skin daily and there’s nothing worse than living in the skin that you aren’t proud of. I hope to demonstrate how nature is meant to work for YOU! We are meant to live happy, healthy (whole)istic lives. Let’s start NOW! :)

What is BareNine Holistics’ mission?

BareNine Holistics was created to provide organic, affordable skincare, and aromatherapy for customers who seek high-quality products with simple ingredients. I believe the earth has given us everything we need to heal and thrive and BareNine’s products are made with only high-quality, natural ingredients. I am not a doctor, esthetician or dermatologist, just a lover of knowledge and natural healing. Our products not only treat skincare issues, but it goes beneath the surface to heal the underlying causes of disruptive skin. Here, we pride ourselves on using only the best products to produce the best results!

Tineeca L. Hughes

CEO and Founder

BareNine Holistics LLC.

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